• Planting Soil Is the Key to Your Success

    Good soil is the foundation of your landscape. Like the slab under your house supports the walls and the roof, well-balanced planting soil supports healthy plants that produce abundant foliage and beautiful blooms. And, like building a house, the right time to establish your garden’s foundation is when you first construct your beds. Weather building a flower bed, and vegetable garden, or planting a new tree; bringing in a load of rich garden soil avoids disappointment, saves money on soil amendments, and ensures you won’t be buying replacement plants next season.

    Landscape Depot mixes its custom blended planting soil on-site from the best ingredients available. Our soil has just the right balance of components, resulting in rich soil at an outstanding value.

    We mix composted pine bark for root development, clean white sand for drainage, and proprietary ingredients high in mycorrhizae. Our organic planting soil is high in calcium which is important for your fruits and vegetables.

    Come by today to pick up your own custom planting soil and start building the landscape of your dreams. We can load as little as a half-yard in your truck or trailer, or we can deliver as much as you’d like to your home or job-site on our dump truck.

    Bins of bulk landscaping materials

    Landscape Depot has a wide selection of bulk landscape materials from garden soil to mulch to gravel of all sizes